Looking for loyal, profitable customers?

A community platform like Mybema can help you find and retain them.

Mybema screenshot

Mybema is software designed to help grow amazing online communities. Start being in control of your own community without worrying about third party news feed algorithms and constant design changes. Curious? You can get a community going in under 30 minutes.

Why you should care about community

Simply put, customers in brand communities mean increased revenue for companies. Here are 6 more reasons to help convince you.

Improve your offering

Feedback from your customers or users is invaluable. Good, qualitative information can improve your product or service more than you could ever do by yourself. Online discussions are a fantastic source for feedback.

Increase LTV

Community participation has been proven to be a factor of loyalty and loyal customers are more valuable than once-off customers. By getting your customers to engage in your community, you are increasing their LTV.

Generate better ideas

People come up with ideas and share them with other people all the time. If they're talking on your community platform, you get easy access to potentially great new ideas.

Increase retention

Keep the same customers around for longer. People that participate in branded communities are less likely to churn.

Less support tickets

How many times have you had to answer the same question over and over? If your network is talking on a many-to-many platform, your community members will answer queries directed at you before you even have to!

Better response times

Dealing with fewer support queries means that you can handle the remaining ones far quicker than usual. Quicker turnaround times mean better customer service.

Why you should use Mybema for your community

Whether you want a community for your products, your brand, a sports team, or an interest group, Mybema offers the following benefits.

Start a community for free.
Be up and running in minutes.
Get SEO benefits from the content generated in your community.
Add informative articles to an accessible knowledgebase.
Improve customer satisfaction levels by participating in discussions.
Protect your brand's reputation by putting fires out early.
Having your customers participate in your community reduces churn.
Access your community's dashboard from any device.
Start and nurture real relationships with profitable customers.
Easily crowdsource new ideas via your community's discussions.
Engage your most enthusiastic fans and advocates.
Lower your customer support costs

Getting started

Setting up Mybema is a slightly technical affair. If you aren't a developer then you can safely skip to the next section.

You can download the code to run Mybema on your own website. It's free and open source. But you need to be familiar with the command line and should have some experience with managing a VPS. You should also have access to a Linux or OSX computer as Windows is not supported.

Mybema is developed using Ruby on Rails and is under git version control. You can download the codebase by cloning the repository. The project has a few software dependencies like Redis and Elasticsearch and uses PostgreSQL as a data store.

We've created a configuration repository that uses Ansible to provision a 2gb DigitalOcean droplet with Mybema installed and running. All you have to do is clone this repository instead of the Mybema one, run bundle and edit 3 files, then boot Mybema up with a single rake task. It could hardly get easier than that!

Hosted service

If you're not a developer or don't want to stress over self-hosting, we're here to help. We can host Mybema for you.

We understand that not everyone can or wants to set things up themselves. We also get that hosting may be stressful and the process of updating software and security may be both tedious and daunting. If you want all the benefits of a community without the hassle of managing your own platform, check out our pricing guide.